Asda, Scotland

Installation of new Deposit Return Shelters for Asda throughout Scotland.







DRS Rollout




16 Weeks

The Brief

Site surveys were undertaken to all stores along with topographical surveys and utility service drawings produced to enable the civil work. The bases where either a full concrete slab or pads depending on the ground conditions and levels. New parking bays were relined where necessary due to the installation of the shelters and old road markings removed as well as protective bollards being erected around the shelter where appropriate.

All works carried out to design team drawings from engineers, shelter fabricators and clients’ consultants for electrical installations.

All stores’ GSMs were where invited to a pre-start meeting to discuss the works and disruptions in and around their stores along with issuing a short but informative presentation pack which gave them a brief on the location design and contact numbers for HB site and office staff involved.

All civils and shelter installation works where carried out during the day with night shifts required to run main supplies to the shelter from a suitable Distribution Board within the store as well as IT data.

All working areas were cordoned off with suitable barriers and the entire working area of the shelter installation and a small works compound closed off using Heras fence panels and H&S signage attached.

Service routes were excavated from the new shelter location to existing drains and best suitable entry point to the building for the small power etc. These where ducted and back filled and finished to match existing surface where possible.

All works where always carried out under HB supervision from erecting the Heras to the Electricians, Fire Alarm and IT engineers carrying out the installations of service supplies.

The average works on site where 12-15 days over a 16 week period where we batched stores into a group of 5 or six within a geographical area to minimise travel between them for efficiency.

All areas on completion were washed out and inspected by the GSM and a final walk round with the client for completion.

The Scope

  • Planning
  • Surveys
  • Client Meetings
  • Civils for Foundations
  • Service Trenches
  • Concrete Works
  • Shelter Installation
  • Electrical, Fire Alarm & IT Installation
  • Finished Surface Conduits
  • Relaying Surfaces
  • Road Markings
  • Bollards

Quality | Honesty | Innovation | Teamwork

Quality | Honesty
Innovation | Teamwork