Brenntag, Bradford

This scheme required us to overcome several ecological barriers as we filled pond areas to create a hardstanding area within a chemical mixing depot.



Brenntag UK




Reservoir infill and installation of concrete hardstanding area




12 weeks

The Brief

Provide a new 2500m² hardstanding concrete area within an existing chemical mixing and distribution depot. Cut the surrounding wasteland, fill the existing mill reservoir and other pond areas in order to create space for the hardstanding area. Take into consideration potential ecological implications such as water testing, bat/pond life protection and drainage of the current reservoir.

The Results

This project presented many challenges including ecological barriers such as water testing and bat/pond life protection. Heavy siltation of the existing reservoir also meant that it required proper drainage and disposal. These issues were quickly overcome through careful planning and a new concrete hardstanding was constructed over the prepared reservoir area. Associated drainage was installed, which provided a facility to ‘lock down’ the hardstanding area in the event of a spillage using a penstock. Bunds to the hardstanding perimeter are able to hold any spillage until it can be removed and Gabion baskets have been constructed as a cost-effective means of maximising the size of the hardstanding.

Quality | Honesty | Innovation | Teamwork

Quality | Honesty
Innovation | Teamwork