HQ visit for HB customer

Teamwork is one of HB Projects’ core values, and we see it as an essential part of how we work, whether working with colleagues, suppliers or our clients.

So, when Briony Munro, Programme Specialist for Property B&Q, asked if she could spend some time at HB Projects to ‘work-shadow’ and to see life as a Principal Contractor, we were very keen to make the necessary arrangements.

Briony spent three days with us, learning more about our business, specifically the processes and systems relating to our pre-development, labour resource planning and site delivery operations.

It was also a great opportunity for us to learn more about how B&Q work and the potential to further enhance our partnership.

Briony commented: “To get a first-hand account of how a Principal Contractor operates was really beneficial. The exercise was certainly worthwhile and I look forward to taking my findings back to my colleagues. Thank you to HB Projects for taking the time to look after me.”

Beverley Peace, Group Compliance Director at HB Projects said: “It was great to have Briony with us. We hope to do more of this across our client base. Collaborative working is crucial to the success of any project or indeed any partnership.”

Pictured (l to r): Jenny Clarke, Operations Support Manager; Steve Thompson, Operations Manager; Briony Munro and Beverley Peace, Group Compliance Director.

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