Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

To demonstrate our commitment to information security, HB Projects implement best practice security controls and assure the effectiveness of our controls through certification to ISO 27001:2017, the international management standard for information security.

This standard promotes a commitment to preserving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all the physical and electronic information assets throughout the organisation. It is the responsibility of all employees (permanent or temporary), to become familiar with our security management processes and to comply with all information security, privacy policies and the procedures that underpin them.

Management objectives and targets shall be established through a framework and reviewed on a regular basis to implement the Information Security Policy.

The Company is committed to ensure our security management systems and processes are efficient, effective and continually improving to protect our data assets, our stakeholders and on-going good reputation.
The Directors commit themselves to provide adequate resources to implement and communicate this policy effectively to all employees.

The Company’s performance and the operation of the management system are audited and reviewed to ensure maximum operating effectiveness.
This Policy will be reviewed at least annually or when legislation demands

Paul Waugh, Joint Managing Director

Ed Beck, Joint Managing Director

Date Issued: 23rd February 2023

Review Date: February 2025

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