We recognise that we have a responsibility to our clients, team members, supply chain, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

We are fully committed to these responsibilities and our activities reflect this.

Health & Safety

Our team members are our most valuable resource. We ensure health and safety leadership is demonstrated at all levels of the organisation to provide an empowering work environment, integrating health and safety with everyday business.

We promote active risk management in all areas of the organisation, elevating awareness to make health & safety personal, relevant and important.

This allows our people to be supported in doing the right thing, encourages engagement and promotes a positive and collective culture at HB Projects.

We have an active wellbeing team across the HB Group who lead the support of wellbeing initiatives and provide support to employees where it is needed.

HB Projects holds the ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) standard, which underpins our commitment to quality, consistency, and safety.


We work across 5 pillars of sustainability, aligning our focus areas with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We also cultivate a holistic approach to being an organisation that operates in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Those pillars are:
  • Business Ethics
  • Labour Practices
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Stakeholder Engagements
  • Sustainable Design, Planning and Procurement


As a responsible organisation we actively explore sustainability opportunities to reduce our impact on the local and wider environments in which we work.

Our commitment to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment is underpinned by our ISO14001 (Environment) certification.

Our commitment includes:
  • Reducing waste through our innovative approach to design
  • A sustainable procurement policy
  • Recycling and reusing site materials
  • Using material confirming to certifications such as CE, FSC and PEFC
  • Use of renewable energy to power to our offices
  • Electric fleet investment
  • Reduction in carbon emissions through fleet management

Corporate Social Responsibility

We try to give something back and make a positive difference to our communities.

Several members of our team play an active role in the CITB Go Construct STEM Ambassador Scheme, who support programmes that help and encourage young people with an interest in our industry. This is done through engagement with schools as well as training and educational bodies.

A member of our Senior Leadership team has an active role in promoting training in construction, while another sits on the Committee of the Regional Working Well Together Group. We are committed to improving the image of, and access to, the construction industry at all levels.

We actively support local and national charities both through corporate fundraising events organised by our business-wide Charity Team, and by supporting employees’ individual pursuits.


At HB Projects we have an excellent reputation for high quality. Our aim is to hand over every project snag-free.

This message is driven through the company at all levels and employees are trained to ensure that all operatives, activities and subcontractors consistently produce and exceed acceptable levels of quality and performance. The management of all our sub-contractors’ competence and insurances are managed through 3rd party accreditation with CHAS, where we have a minimum requirement of CHAS Advanced.

KPI’s are also used as part of our performance review on all suppliers to make sure quality is maintained. All of our business operations are managed in accordance with our ISO9001 (Quality) certification.

Information Security

At HB Projects we recognise our responsibility to protect all of the data we hold and process, whether it belongs to HB Projects, our employees, partners, clients or suppliers.

By protecting this data, we can ensure that we maintain our reputation as a trusted employer and partner, enabling HB Projects to grow as a business and deliver a high performing service.

We are committed to ensuring our security management systems and processes are efficient, effective and continually improving to protect our data assets, our stakeholders and on-going good reputation.

To demonstrate our commitment to information security, we implement best practice security controls and assure the effectiveness of our controls through certification to ISO 27001 the international management standard for information security.

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Our certifications and other accreditations prove our commitment to ensuring quality, health and safety and sustainability are included within our business operations and service delivery.

Quality | Honesty | Innovation | Teamwork

Quality | Honesty
Innovation | Teamwork